HASH TRASH # 206 – St. Valentine’s Day Hash, Muret, Sunday 11th February 2018


Nine Hashers braved the rain & mud to enjoy the delights of Muret & the banks of the majestic river Garonne at this St. Valentine’s Day Hash, which was Hared by Rocket Lips and I.

We welcomed Likkum, a “professional hasher” based in Bearn, Switzerland. He regaled us with stories of a multitude of hashes he has visited and hashers with whom we were all acquainted. He courageously took the Long trail and had to climb a shear hill of mud and water in the pouring rain.

At the start, Its Complicated was our only other runner and being faster he did all the checks until we were caught by Hairy Clam, about 6 km from the start – he had checked his e- mail at 3 pm and noticed there was a hash so was LATE starting. Undaunted Hairy Clam heroically found the trail and caught the runners at the viewpoint overlooking the Garonne for a photo opportunity and to witness Likkum going “off piste” into the bush as he slid into the undergrowth off the muddy path.

The walk was also demanding with a steep climb and descent on slippery steps. ET was as usual the FRB of the walking pack and Short Shift was uncharacteristically walking due to a leg injury; so the walkers outnumbered the runners again.

All observant participants passed beside thousands of snow drops under the trees along the route, rewarding us all with a glimpse of the spring soon to arrive.

We circled up by the Garonne, and
• Rewarded the hares for a well-marked trail
• Welcomed Likkum for his visit & comraderie
• Rewarded Hairy Clam, for his untimely arrival
• Rewarded our RA, It’s Complicated, for the warmer but wet weather
• And finally were led in song by Likkum, who taught us where the non-English Hashers may suggest we should park our chariots….
Hash Flash photos will be circulated (as soon as I figure out how to extract them from my phone) via an e- mailed link to the Hash Google group. Please let me know if you didn’t get them (paulmasters@sfr.fr).

Some future dates for your diary.
18th MARCH – Its Complicated & ET venue possibly near Blagnac – all details to be confirmed nearer that time.
APRIL – Short Shift is haring
MAY – Hairy Clam is haring
JUNE – Hares are Grotty Totty & Six Pack
JULY – Wandering Two Lips will set the trail……
AUGUST – Sweet Pea & IP invited us to Cambornet sur le Sor

To all Hashers old & new we are looking forward to sharing time with you on the trail at a THHH soon. ON ON Rocket Pants