HASH TRASH # 210 – Father’s Day Hash & Epic BBQ, Bretx – Sunday 17th June 2018

Six Pack was the lone, heroic hare for this scenic, and somewhat overgrown trail through the Bretx countryside.
The route was mostly in countryside; it passed by fields of wheat and along forest tracks and due to the recent weather much of the paths were very overgrown, thus causing some at least one hasher to have an allergic reaction.

We started and ended at Six Pack & Thelma’s garden at “Chateau Le Voir” in Bretx, where we were comfortably seated for the après – trail refreshments, which were exceptional as always, when Thelma is involved. We had tasty pastries and nems with spicy & curry sauce before the circle and a BBQ after.

Swinging Down Under bravely arrived carrying LaÏa, his 1 year old daughter, who was attending her second hash.

We had two Virgin Hashers and a new visitor who had hashed before, thus making for a nice mixture with some essential new blood.

In the circle we;
-  Rewarded Six Pack for his scenic trail and Thelma (we should name her!) for her wonderful hospitality and food
- Welcomed 2 Virgins (Nic & Kenneth) & Locust who introduced Nic to Hashing
- Celebrated Father’s day by inviting all the men into the circle for a down-down
-  Rewarded Its Complicated our Religious Advisor for the lovely weather and then punished him for not arranging clear weather at the last hash when he didn’t attend….

Six Pack ignited the BBQ and we settled down on a sunny veranda for a tasty BBQ and tasty side dishes provided by Thelma and the Hashers who had read their invitation and came prepared.

Many thanks to Thelma & Six Pack and all who contributed to a memorable and relaxed extended afternoon hash. Virgin’s and visitors beware – the hash is generally more basic and certainly less well provisioned.

A ‘BBQ Photo’ will be put on the facebook site and more photos circulated by a link to a Google photo site this week. Let me know if you don’t receive it – paulmasters@sfr.fr

I am also interested to know if anybody reads this trash – if you do please just reply with one word!

Some future dates for your diary. 
Sunday 22nd JULY  – Wandering Two Lips will set the trail from his place in L’Union for this hash, which is shared with the “Sans Clue” hash in Paris, where Wandering Two Lips hashes when he can’t get to a real hash in Toulouse
AUGUST  – Sweet Pea & IP invited us to their house in Cambounet sur le Sor
SEPTEMBER – Waiting for a volunteer….


To all Hashers old & new we are looking forward to sharing time with you on the trail at a THHH soon.

ON ON   Rocket Pants

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